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New Orleans- Environment [Day 4]

2012 March 15
by Mercedes N.

Tuesday (March 13, 2012)

     Tuesday morning was not the most beautiful day in the city of New Orleans. Regardless of a possible rain shower forecast, we headed out to our second destination, Common Ground’s plant nursery, known as the Wetlands Restoration Station. The nursery’s purpose is to raise and sustain a variety of plants that have a low rate of survival if left in the nature undeveloped. Cypress trees, for example, have a reputation of dying early on due to droughts; therefore, potting and maturing plants beforehand is essential. In 2011, a group of volunteers planted approximately 300 cypress tress, and in the end, only 13 survived. ONLY 13! The cypress trees we plotted originated from Florida, allowing us to connect with the day’s project even more. The pots are placed in handmade tree beds, built by volunteers, that hold certain water levels, mimicking the different plants’ natural habitats. Knowing our trees now had a stable and dependable environment left a resonating satisfaction within the group. After a long afternoon of potting cypress seeds and trees, building tree beds, and breaking a sweat, we rewarded ourselves with deliciously refreshing treats from Frogurt, a local frozen yogurt joint we’d been wanting to visit ever since our arrival. With a great group reflection, our evening ended perfectly and off to bed we went.

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