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About Bulls Give Back

Service, leadership, and civic engagement are some of the many words used to describe an active citizen. These words are powerful and work to encompass an unstoppable movement of positive social change and a sense of community involvement. Being knowledgeable about social issues creates stronger leaders, tighter bonds in society, and an ongoing continuity of change.

At the University of South Florida, students take pride in being civically engaged on a global scale. Hundreds of USF students have dedicated their time during their seasonal breaks to raise awareness of various social issues that affect our world today. These students provide service on a local, national, and international level, traveling to some of the most exotic locations around the world. They become enriched in various cultures, customs, and gain new found perspectives on life from the countless people they encounter during their journey. Their experiences are powerful, inspiring, and life-changing. Through the journeys these students embark on, they bring hope for a better tomorrow.

These are their stories towards positive social change…

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