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New Orleans- Environment [Day 5]

2012 March 15
by Mercedes N.

Wednesday (March 14, 2012)

      Today was a completely different experience, temperature wise. There was a clear blue sky and a bright sun present to boost our Vitamin D levels, the weather was beautiful! We reported to the nursery and found ourselves doing nearly the same tasks as the previous day. With less help than before, we managed to work efficiently and productively. Since it was our last day at this location, we were asked to do inventory on the plants, and the total number of cypress trees turned out to be over 5,000! We had to make additional room to house the trees and found our hands busy constructing yet another tree bed. The sun was overwhelming at around noon time, and many of us walked away with newly uneven farmer’s tans. The overall outcome of two day’s hardwork couldn’t have made us more proud. All the plants were in beds, reassuring their chances of survival, and in a year or two, the trees will be mature enough to survive all on their own. We did not depart this afternoon until every tree was in place, arriving back at the church just in time for dinner. Covered in dirt and fulfillment, we gobbled down our food and completed the night by watching USF play California in the NCAA tournament (dominating of course!). The only thing our group can conclude about the day is that it went great, and the BULLS rock, both in sports and community outreach!

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  1. Jennifer Espinola permalink*
    April 3, 2012

    New Orleans BSB – thank you so much for sharing your story on this Blog! I love learning about your experience and your pictures are so fun!! It looks like you had an amazing trip and that you did so much to support the environment in that area. Congrats!!

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